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Culture is an important aspect of the Kenyan people, and they are proud of their Kenyan identity. A cultural safari gives one an assortment of choices to choose from the 42 cultures. The cultural safari embodies visiting cultural communities such as the famed Maasai warriors, Kikuyu, Akamba and many more.

Cultural Safaris Kenya

The communities have ‘cultural villages’ which tourists can visit and have a night out, to experience the African lifestyle. In addition, the community hosting the cultural safari will teach about its customs and traditions. Kenya has a cultural center, the bomas of Kenya which showcases all the cultures of the 42 communities in Kenya, thus enabling tourists to have a one-stop cultural attraction.

Safari Summary

    • Visit the bomas of Kenya, in the capital city Nairobi. Learn about the 42 communities of Kenya and their lifestyles.
    • Explore community villages while on a safari to learn about the cultures and traditions of the community.
    • Experience a stay in a cultural village, and enjoy their food delicacies, mode of dressing, arts and music.
    • Remember to purchase a souvenir from the community villages as a reminder of your cultural safari and as a gift to your loved ones, family and friends.

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